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Best Villas In Costa Rica

Find the best Villas in Costa Rica at Dream On Costa Rica. If you are looking for luxury, private, all-inclusive beachfront villas in Costa Rica, then you are going to love Dream On Costa Rica villas! Our luxury villas are located in the Southwest province of Guanacaste, in Juniquillal. All three villas are located in gated communities with 24-hour security for your safety. Nestled on cliffs that overlook an ocean paradise, you are sure to find everything you are looking for at Dream On Costa Rica villas and then some!

For your convenience, all of our Costa Rican villas are located just a short drive from the airport. We have two airports close to us, including Tamarindo Airport (the closest airport) and Cabo Velas Airport (just a jog farther). Free airport shuttle service is provided for our guests. Take a moment to consider our three private, all-inclusive villas to find the one that matches your preferences and budget.

Villa Don Vito - Tamarindo (

Located in beautiful Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica, the Villa Don Vito features some of the best amenities of any Costa Rican resort! From our natural rock swimming pool with waterfall to the off-the-beaten-path location, and everything else in-between, the Villa Don Vito is sure to provide the setting for a vacation experience that you will never forget! Inside, you will find a spacious living area with plenty of air-conditioned rooms and comfortable modern furniture.  

Our guests enjoy a private pool ball table, a private golf course, a full kitchen with modern appliances and wares, a king-size dining table, and a breath-taking interior design sure to impress even the most skeptic guests! This villa is perfect for medium and large-size groups.

Villa Diosa del Mar - Playa Juniquillal (

Situated on a plateau with jutting cliffs and rugged coastline, the Villa Diosa del Mar is one of the most private villas offered by Dream On Costa Rica. This clean, lavish, and modern villa is ideal for small and medium-size groups. The Villa Diosa del Mar boasts a private swimming pool and a uniquely peaceful setting.  

Surrounded by coconut and mango trees, the warm air combined with the cool ocean breeze makes every breath enchanted! You will never forget the sweet taste of the air here in Playa Juniquillal.  Villa Diosa del Mar boasts a simple yet pleasant modern interior with quality furnishings and all of the amenities you would expect in a five-star resort.  

Villa Oceanis - Playa Juniquillal (

The Villa Oceanis is perfect for travelers who want to experience one of the best villas in Costa Rica but at a more affordable price. The Villa Oceanis is a picture-perfect Costa Rican villa that is perfect for families and is full of luxury and charm. Here, you can relax in a cozy and private beachfront house on a cliff that overlooks the vast Pacific Ocean. While the Villa Oceanis is a bit smaller and more affordable, it is not short on beauty, pristineness, or amenities.


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