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Homes For Sale In Hamilton

Homes For Sale In Hamilton

Homes For Sale In Hamilton

3961 Koenig Road

New home to be dreamed up and built out of the box

The home you dreamed of is in a box waiting for you and your family to move in and shape it your way. Elegant, majestic, and welcoming, just the way you want it! You can shape it with your own hands from this lot in the exclusive neighborhood of Alton West, Just offered to you for the Hamilton real estate.

Designed just the way you deserve it, this spectacular, supreme, and foremost home is full of life from floor to ceiling, with spaces that decorators will love and where they can unleash their creativity. The best part: it's close to all your favorite places, the best investment properties in Hamilton. Make it yours now!

150 CACTUS Crescent

The word "elegance" transformed into a house.

It's brand new, and it wants you and your family to live in it. This house is beyond its ease of access, luxurious and perfect finishes, and your best option. Walking through its corridors and imagining what your life would be like in, it is simply spectacular.

Its kitchen looks like a movie. The bathrooms are a trip to the Arabian Nights. Each room is worthy of a sultan. With lots of brightness and vast spaces, this house is brand new and just waiting for you and your family to move in and fill it with life and color.

Do you like golf? Do your kids like to enjoy a park? This home is close to both—one of the best houses for sale in Hamilton. You will buy it just by seeing it once.


The house with Canada's happiest backyard.

Imagine yourself on the large patio of this house, a sunny summer Sunday, lounging in your favorite chair or the new hammock you bought on your last trip, with a steaming, delicious barbecue for your family and best friends.

With drinks so refreshing, they quench your thirst just by looking at them. Visualize your children and your guests' children with their happy faces, enjoying an inflatable pool, laughing out loud.

And you, satisfied that you made the best decision of your life by buying this home with the happiest backyard in Canada (or maybe in the world). All begun after that magical moment you googled "Hamilton ON homes for sale." And the patio came to your life to make it happier.

70 WHITNEY Avenue

A cozy house near the university.

Recently completely renovated, a house that invites you to live in it. As soon as you open the door, you want to stay and live in it. Even as a visitor, you have plenty of rooms to choose from to sleep in, as this impressive house has seven spacious rooms for you to enjoy. And it is just meters away from the university.

A dreamy courtyard, two wonderful pine trees that welcome you at the entrance, and a classic kitchen, but designed to suit the best culinary and architectural tastes, invite you to be part of its environment and make a deal with the realtor without asking many questions. Want to see it for yourself? Make an appointment and see for yourself the best property for sale in Hamilton.

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Homes For Sale In Hamilton
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Homes For Sale In Hamilton
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