8/15/2014 – Letter from a concerned mother

“I recently learned about Rocky Flats earlier this year, and it came with a big shock to learn that this all had happened in my backyard with no disclosure of information to me when I purchased my house east of Rocky Flats off of Simms road in 2011. I was and I am still currently angered and heartbroken to discover all of this information … After reading Full Body Burden:Growing up in the Shadow of Rocky Flats and researching, I put my house on the market and tried to find a new home to move into for fear of possible exposures and risks that I maybe putting myself and family at risk but have struggled to make all ends meet to get into a better, safer and more environmentally sound area. With all of the fracking in Weld County, its perhaps more terrifying to move to an area like that then to stay. Long story short, things have not been moving in my favor to find a new home and I have come to terms that for now I will be staying at my home in Countryside off of Simms road for another year or two. I am reaching out for any advice or groups that I can join to stay informed about Rocky Flats and how to best protect my family from any potential toxins. My coworker grew up in Countryside and has already had breast and ovarian cancer at 29 years old in 2011 but has not embraced that there maybe a connection between where she grew up and cancer. Her mother has thyroid issues and her Grandmother recently passed away with Leukemia. It seems to me that these could all be related to Rocky Flats. I am currently studying to become a Holistic Nutritionist and we are taught to grow a garden, raise chickens and do what you can to provide healthier food for your family. However I believe that it was meant for me to learn about Rocky Flats at the same time so that I wouldn’t grow a garden in my backyard. I am slightly terrified of what maybe in the soil and would not want to ingest it through food. On top of those thoughts, I have concerns with my water supply since I have recently learned that none of my neighbors drink their water since it comes from Standley Lake …”

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