Watch this three part video of Tom Cochrans analysis of the Rocky Flats Plant in the class-action lawsuit, Merilyn Cook et al vs. Rockwell International Corporation and the Dow Chemical Company. He is a nuclear physicist and an expert in the process of manufacturing nuclear weapons. Tom Cochran is Director of the Nuclear Program at the National Resources Defense Council and served on boards for the DOE and Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  

NPR interviewed Kristen Iversen for their program "Fresh Air" to learn about her plight to tell the story of Rocky Flats through her own personal history with the plant.

In this video Charles McKay, the owner of the
Candelas development, explains why he feels
entitled to build houses on contaminated land.
This video shows grand jury members, former plant workers and others who risk their lives and careers
to help others avoid this contaminated land.
Federal Agent Jon Lipsky explains why he lead the
FBI raid on Rocky Flats and how the Federal
Government is the worst environmental polluter.

Community Activist Pages

Candelas Glows is an informative blog where you can learn about history as well as current movements to protect new home buyers and protest to the Candelas Development.

The Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship is an invaluable resource to learn all about the Rocky Flats Plant and the lasting impacts of toxic contamination.

These two groups work together regularly to plan meetings and demonstrations to raise awareness and show local representatives how important this issue really is.
Eco Labs is Dr. Joanna Boehnert's personal blog for thoughts on ecology, design and politics visualising complex environmental issues. She is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at CIRES (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences) in the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research (CSTPR) at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Ballad of Rocky Flats

Read more about the stark contrast between the way of life in communities around the Rocky Flats area and the goverment policy that made Rocky Flats possible in the first place.

News Articles

The Denver Post: Former Rocky Flats site stirs concerns for some neighbors Read the Full Article

Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish and Allen Bohling protest the development of Highlights from this article:

- “Gabrieloff-Parish argues — along with longtime activists at the Boulder-based Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center — that ground disturbances, such as September's floods, homebuilding, construction of the proposed Jefferson Parkway on the eastern edge of the refuge, and planned development of biking and hiking trails will kick up plutonium-laced dust, increasing the risk of leukemia and bone, lung and liver cancers for those who breathe it. And they worry that the memory of the site's toxic legacy has faded to the point that people will move into what Gabrieloff-Parish describes as the "plutonium dust bowl," without understanding the potential risk.”

- “After the Rocky Flats fires, levels of radioactive plutonium in soils just east of the plant ranged up to hundreds of times higher than levels outside the plume of the airborne plutonium, according to a 1970 report by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. If 1970 sounds like ancient history, consider that the half-life of the most common radioactive isotope or form of the element released, Pu-239, is 24,000 years.”
Toxic Suburbia: Fantastic Rocky Flats vistas, plutonium breezes. - Colorado Independent Read the Full Article.

25 years since the FBI raided Rocky Flats Highlights from this article:

- “There’s a Spielberg-like quality to the Candelas subdivision rising in the foothills here. It’s a suburban paradise that comes with wide-open views, solar panels and sustainability farm credits, but also with the radioactive vestiges of nuclear weapons manufacturing that critics say pose a lingering threat of illness and death.”
- “Critics describe the Candelas brand as total “greenwash.” They say rooftop solar panels and double-pane windows won’t balance out any of the cancer-causing plutonium that will come riding in on backyard breezes. “
- “Branding the development to buyers as healthy and eco-conscious is a farce. Plutonium is not eco-conscious or healthy, they say, and it will be a wind-borne reality at Candelas, posing health risks to the families who live there.”
The Secrets of Rocky Flats Won’t Stay Buried Forever - Westword Read the Full Article

beforeand anfter Highlights from this article:

- When the grand jurors decided they wanted to indict eight individuals for environmental crimes at the plant — employees of both Rockwell International, which had taken over operations of the plant from Dow Chemical, its original operator, and the Department of Energy — the Justice Department and U.S. Attorney Norton instead cut a deal with Rockwell. In March 1992, the company was fined $18.5 million, less than it had earned in bonuses for running the plant; no individuals were charged. The secret story of the grand jurors broke in Westword in September 1992 — but nearly 22 years later, they are still prohibited from talking about how justice was denied in the Rocky Flats case.

Photos of the Candelas Housing Development and the Surrounding Area

Relevant Wikipedia Articles

Rocky Flats Plant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Candelas, Colorado

Sign the Petition to Stop Building on Rocky Flats

Building a tolled four-lane highway and future hiking and biking trails on Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge, formerly Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, will cause plutonium and other radioactive materials to be released into the air, soil and water endangering the health, safety and well-being of surrounding communities. We need to set a precedent to every superfund site that any development on former nuclear sites is not acceptable!

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